Navigate through features

Living documentation page

Once you have created a living documentation in your Jira project, all your features appear as cards:


Feature cards

A feature card can display the following information:


Feature card

The feature card represents one feature from a feature file. There should be as many feature cards as there are features in the Git repository.

Note: If there is an error in a feature, the feature card will not appear.

Feature status

This is the status reported by the tests result import. The status is calculated based on the status of each scenario step.

Create feature issue

In order to have a better integration with Jira, you can create a feature issue and link it to the feature.
Once the feature issue is created, the issue key will be shown.

This allows you to link an already existing feature issue to the feature. Once the feature is linked to a feature issue, the issue key will be shown.

Feature name

Clicking on the name redirects you to the feature page.
Note that if you hover the text until tooltip is shown, the path of the feature is displayed.

Error in the feature file

If the feature files in the Git repository contain errors, a warning will appear:

And when accessing the feature, the error returned by the Gherkin parser is shown:

When the feature file will be fixed, the living documentation will be automatically updated.

Feature page

You can navigate through the features by clicking on the feature name. On a feature page, you can navigate to another feature or go back to the features page.


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