Automate test results push

You can manually upload a JSON test results file, but you can also automate the test results update via a Continuous Integration (CI) server. All you need to do is add a command line (see bellow) to the CI server configuration to automatically send the test results to Jira.

First, click on the menu in the top right corner of the main living documentation page:

Then choose the language you use to execute your tests and click on

The following informations will be available:

  1. Curl command: a ready-to-use inline command. Add this command line to the CI configuration.

  2. Token: use this token in case the Curl command does not work and another tool should be used.

Note: The curl command assumes that the test results file is named results.json. Ruby, Java and JavaScript are supported, if you run with another language, you can try pushing it by selecting ‘Other’ and writing the framework you used. In that specific case Cucumber for Jira cannot guarantee your results will be correctly imported. If you need more languages, feel free to ask on our public issue tracker. Please adapt the command by selecting the language using the menu or changing the results file name if needed. It’s really important to not remove the '@' when file name is changed except for a good reason.


When the file is uploaded, the living documentation will be automatically updated with the test results.