Setup a self-hosted Bitbucket

This guide explains how to connect your Living Documentation with a self-hosted Bitbucket repository.


  • Jira admin account


  1. Open your firewall to Cucumber for Jira servers

  2. Create a new provider in Cucumber for Jira settings

  3. Create a personal access token

  4. Create a Living Documentation using the new provider

Open your firewalls to Cucumber for Jira servers

You can skip this section if your Bitbucket server is publicly available on the internet

Cucumber for Jira is a cloud application, this means our servers need to be able to communicate with your self-hosted Bitbucket instance through HTTP protocol.

Your network team should configure your company firewall rules to allow HTTP(S) traffic from these IP ranges used for outgoing traffic:

  • - (

  • - (

  • - (

  • - (

  • - (

  • - (

This information comes from our provider wiki page and might be out of date. Most up-to-date information is available here.

Create a new provider in Cucumber for Jira settings

You need to have Jira admin privileges to create a new provider

Go to Jira settings, click on App tab, then choose Set up a private Git host from Cucumber for Jira section

The first step is to verify that your Bitbucket Server API is accessible from our servers.

Type the API base URL: https://<bitbucket_server_url>/rest/api/1.0 in the text field and click on Verify

If the verification succeeds, you’ll be asked to give your provider a name:

An error message will be shown instead.

After filling the name, click on Complete setup. A confirmation is shown once the setup is completed.

Create a personal access token

To retrieve data from Bitbucket Server, Cucumber for Jira needs an access token. From the Bitbucket Server interface, go to the account settings page and create a token:

Fill the token name, and choose the READ permission for the project and ADMIN permission for the repository, then click on Create:

Note: Cucumber for Jira needs ADMIN permission on the repository to set up the webhook that allows to receive automatic update when commits are pushed on the repository.

The new token is created , click on Copy to copy it and use it in the living documentation creation part. Click on Continue:

Create a Living Documentation using the new provider

Now that everything is set up. You should be able to see the new provider in the Private tab of the Living Documentation creation screen :

Cucumber for Jira needs authorization to get access to the Bitbucket Server. Click on Authorize. A modal will be shown to provide a personal access token. Past the personal access token created here:

Then, you’ll be able to choose a repository and a branch, and create the living documentation.