How to push results from a GitHub action

To setup pushing your results using GitHub actions, you first need to get your CI token on Cucumber for Jira:

Ci configuration
Copy the token


Then you will have to set it as repository secret on your GitHub project. You can call it C4J_TOKEN for example.


When that secret is setup you can start writing your GitHub action.

Here is an example of a GitHub action that generates Cucumber results and sends them to Cucumber for Jira:

name: CI on: push: branches: - main jobs: cucumber: name: Cucumber test runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - name: Checkout uses: actions/checkout@v2.3.4 - name: Run Cucumber tests and generate results run: | bundle exec cucumber \ --format json \ --out cucumber-results.json - name: Send results to Cucumber for Jira if: always() run: | curl -X POST \ -H "authorization: Bearer ${{ secrets.C4J_TOKEN }}" \ -H 'content-type: multipart/form-data' \ -F results_file=@cucumber-results.json \ -F language=ruby